Educational Seminar Series

Our program is committed to providing an engaging and comprehensive educational seminar series (ESS) for faculty and residents at all levels of training. The ESS curriculum presents key, clinically-relevant content from a broad range of family medicine core subjects:

  • adult medicine and chronic disease
  • behavioral scienceDSC_0002w.JPG
  • coding/compliance
  • evidence-based medicine
  • geriatrics
  • gynecology
  • obstetrics
  • pediatrics
  • pharmacy
  • practice management
  • sports medicine

Residents and faculty participate in ESS each Thursday afternoon. A sample ESS schedule is included below. Each didactic consists of a short-session (12:30-2PM) and a long session (2-5PM).  In a four-week month, there is a short-session for each of the following: Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Wellness for Residents, and Chief/Director Meeting.  The scholarship hour is resident-led Grand Rounds, Journal Club, or Morbidity and Mortality sessions, the majority of which are built around interesting clinical cases experienced by the residents. Recent topics addressed during these sessions can be found on the Scholarship page. The final three hours are dedicated to addressing the core subjects identified above.

Seminars include case-based activities, small group and panel discussions, Jeopardy-style review games, and hands-on activities in addition to traditional lectures. Longer workshops are also offered during ESS, with topics including minor office and dermatologic procedures, family violence, developmental pediatrics, common obstetric and pediatric procedures, and end-of-life care. The curriculum is built on an 18-month cycle, thus allowing residents the opportunity to engage with each topic twice during their training.




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